Paige Hareb surfing one of her favourite home breaks
I watercolour on paper I animated I July 2020

<< My latest animation features one of Paige Harebs backhand turns, surfing one of her favourite right-hand breaks in New Zealand. Working on this one was special, because I’m surfing in the same region at the moment and I have seen her out there shredding before.>>

Bethany Hamilton I watercolour on paper I June 2020

>> For me Bethany Hamilton was on of the first female surfers I heard about when entering the surfing world. Her air literally shows that she is ‘unstoppable’ and was the inspiration for this art work.
Keep posted on some making of in my story. Every single frame is created with watercolour on paper before put into motion <<

Caroline Marks in motion I Handpainted Frames I Watercolor on paper I April 2020