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Architektur und Meer’
2022-23, Aeijst Destillery, St. Nikolai i. S.

‘ Sketchbook Vol. 2 – Travel edition’
Einblicke in mein Reiseskizzenbuch,
2021, Create Studio, Graz

‘A Sketchbook in my pocket’
2018, Bali, Indonesien


‘ Taha Hinengaro – Mental Health Matters’
2023, Selected Architectural Illustrations, The Collaboartion, New Plymouth

‘ We ❤︎ Illustration’
2021, Selected Styrian Illustrators, Creative Industries, Designforum Graz


World Illustration Award 2021 (longlisted)
GAD 2021 (Graz Architecture Price) awarded with Master’s thesis
Resene Mural Masterpiece Award, Best Mural Design 3rd, 2020
SeaScapes Art Competition, Special Recognition, 2020

Laura Feller works as an independent artist and illustrator with a focus on buildings & sustainable architecture, a topic she has finished her thesis in. Her motifs are influenced by mindful experiences while travelling and living in Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand. 

Laura was born into a creative family and grew up on a small organic farm in Austria. Thus a strong sense for nature and the beauty of our planet accompany her on her journey. She discovered her passion for surfing in 2016 and it has shaped her life and creative work since then.

From a background in architecture Laura’s style fluctuates between clean black and white line drawings and free flowing watercolour. As a canvas paper, walls and windows take turns and new challenges make her thrive.

⚐ At the moment she is based in New Plymouth, New Zealand, working for customers from Austria and all around the world.


Freelance artist, graphic design and illustration

2014 – 2019
Student assistant at Institute of Construction and Design Principles
Technical University of Graz

Interior Design & shop assistant
René Rauschl by Steinwender


Master in Architecture
(2018 – 2021)
Technical University of Graz, Austria,
Master Research at University of Auckland

Bachelor in Architecture
(2013 – 2018)
Technical University of Graz, Austria,
Exchange at Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia

Highschool Diploma
(2008 – 2013)
Major Interior Design & Furniture Building, HTBLVA Graz-Ortweinschule, Austria