Childrens workshop

Mein Ökologischer Fußabdruck – My Ecological Footprint
Workshop with wooden stamps locally produced in Austria © 2022
Part of the 2023 program of FRida&freD Graz – Children Museum.

Poster & worksheet: Let’s stamp our ecological footprint!

The 3 h workshop is designed for kids age 10-14.

Part 1: We chat about what the Ecologial footprint is and how it is measured. Does everything on earth have a footprint and why?
Part 2: We have a look what includes our own ecological footprint and come to our main exercise – the most fun. The kids get to draw and stamp their footprints both their physical and their ecological one. We learn to understand why some footprints are bigger than others and how that can be changed. At the end of the day each kid gets to take their own poster home and spread the word about the ecological footprint and how it can help us.

Each symbol comes in 3 different sizes
Each stamp is handcrafted in Graz, Austria by n2der laserstudio
1 box I 30 stamps I 1 poster ©laurafellerart

If you are interested in booking this workshop or talk about the topic send me a message.
You reach me best via mail

The workshop is available in German and English language.