The story behind Always On The Move.

Sketch every day,
sketch wherever you are and
whatever you see in that very moment.

That was the idea in my head and it sounded easy enough.
Well, honestly it took a long time until I finally took my sketchbook and pen with me more often. I remember it was that trip to Bali in 2017 when I got into the flow and the pages filled more and more. Impressions of places, memories, different cultures – all captured on paper and kept safely stored in a small book. This particular sketch book is still one of my favourites to flick through, it takes me back to places from Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Austria.

For me sketching turned out to be about the places and people at the same time. A drawing naturally takes time and I’d usually spend about 2-4 hours in one spot. Soon, I discovered that this draws people’s attention and they stop to look and often also for a chat. This made me learn more about the history of places, personal stories or lead to receiving tips for other great locations to go sketch. The positive energy emerging from these encounters feed my creative soul.
It was also the feedback and encouragement from those people that helped me go after my dream and pursue an art career.

A print from a sketch in that particular sketch book from Bali 2017 was the very first drawing I ever sold. So I carried on sketching and travelling places. Occasionally selling something but mostly doing it for myself, driven from my personal journey. Always On The Move.
Next to my Architecture studies in my home town Graz, Austria, I saved up all my money and time to travel. I was also called by the waves. After I discovered my passion for surfing in 2016, I followed the surf around the world. Every surfer’s soul will understand how you need the ocean and how it feeds you.

The life around surfing is still my strongest creative source and I my dream is living by the ocean permanently. Meanwhile (Whenever I’m not there), I dream about the waves and capture them on paper.